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I have a 2009 13" macbook pro (the first 13" "pro" macbook)


It has a 640GB hdd 5400 RPM from western digital and 4GB of ram.


It's been getting really slow lately so last night I bought a 250 samsung ssd and 8GB of ram and a OWC data doubler.


My thoughts are to remove the DVD drive (I have an external superdrive) and put the 640GB in it's place and then add the SSD to the main HD position.


I've been reading a lot about turning these two drives into a fusion drive.


But my question is if I do make these two drives a fusion drive that process would completely format (erase) both hdd's.



Could I install my snow leopard dvd from the external DVD drive? or would I have to buy another drive and clone my ssd and then copy back after I make the fusion?

Also would I have to upgrade the SSD to lion before being able to create a fusion drive?



Thanks for any help.

MacBook Pro