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I know this has probably been answered before.. but any tips on the white screen on Ipod 5th Gen (video).. it has been heavily used, so I am leaning towards thinking it is just done with, but hopefully not.. the "symptoms" are


1) White screen on start up - no Apple logo

2) Will not sync with ITunes when in white screen, but when rebooted into Disk Mode, the screen is dark grey, and the Ipod will sync correctly

3) Will not play music in white screen (I have read of others that do), wheel does not click, but menu and other buttons do click when pressed.


I have tried restoring it a couple of times whilst in Disk mode, but this makes no difference.


A mate swears that it just needs a new screen, but I would have thought I would have been able to play music on it by clicking through the menus, regardless of OSD..


Apologies again for the basic question.. but does anyone know if this is the end? I suppose 7 years is not a bad run on any device, but this did come on very suddenly..



iPod 5th Generation (Late 2006), Windows 7