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I have set up my Denon tuner (not digital) next to my desktop Mac, and connected the two either directly with a Belkin RCA Audio Cable into the 'audio in' port, or via an iMic with a USB connection.


I have linked the tuner to my external aerial for reception, but can only hear it through the Mac speakers because it is part of my 'seperates' sound system, and doesn't have any dedicated volume control or volume output


I have done test recordings using both USB and 'audio in' port options, but in both there is significant background 'hiss' (which can also be heard when just listening to a broadcast through the Mac speakers)


Is there a way of editing the background 'hiss' in any recordings in GarageBand ?


Or of preventing the 'hiss' coming through in the first place ?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    ringnib wrote:



    Is there a way of editing the background 'hiss' in any recordings in GarageBand ?


    The most simple thing to try would be using the visual EQ; as is typical with "most simple" it's also likely to be the least effective, but it may work well enough for your needs


    the most effective (and as you'd imagine, most complicated) would be to use the parametric EQ, using a narrow Q, a low gain,  and sweeping through the spectrum you can reduce a frequency band (you should be able to find many tutes on the web detailing how to use a parametric EQ)


    inbetween the above 2 choices would be the 32-band graphic EQ

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    Many thanks . . . I have played around with your suggestions, and I think I can make a significant difference : as you say, I think it might work well enough for my needs.

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    you're welcome, good luck