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As a 'power user' of the playback plug-in, I always go there to see how it is behaving whenever they release an updated Mainstage.   Today, I bought Mainstage 3 -- hoping that the playback plug-in 'ghosts' had finally been driven away.


I was disappointed to find that I couldn't even run my playback loop test, because I can only create one marker!


If anyone else could try this and post your results, I'd really appreciate it (just to be sure it isn't only me).


1.  Open playback plug-in
2.  Add an audio track

3.  Create one marker by right-clicking on the playback cursor -- name the marker whatever you want

4.  Scroll a few seconds away from the current marker, try to create another one....


The playback plug-in has been glitchy since version 2.0 (in fairness, it is probably great if you just start a track and let it play -- but if you want to loop sections using markers and dynamically control playback...it has had many issues).   One version cased freezes when you tried to advance to the next marker, the next update fixed that but added a delay 'millisecond of silence' when finally moving on with the track, etc....


I just hope that when I am able to create a second marker, that I finally get seemless transitions when looping/moving-to-next.  





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