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I am very disappointed.  I have been a very dedicated Apple customer for many years, as well as a developer for your company. 


A week ago, because of 4 years of inactivity with your Logic Pro 9 software, I decided to make the investment to jump ship to Pro-Tools from Logic, as I was seeing no hope in an upgrade for Logic in the near future.  This was a very pricey investment, and seeing as I have been using Logic Studio/Logic Pro 9 for many years (most recently 9 of course, and Logic Studio 8 before that), I realized many hours of work would have to go into learning a new, up-to-date piece of software. Then, one week later, you release Logic Pro X.


If I had any warning that Apple would be releasing Logic Pro X, I wouldn't have made the jump to Pro Tools.  However, because of your irresponsibility to keep your committed customers/developers informed of your plans with your software, I am now forced to keep a $700 dollar piece of software I would have never touched if I knew that there was a Logic upgrade in the near future.  Because of strict budget, I will not be able to purchase Logic - and I am forced to keep Pro-Tools because of software return policies.


So, you've lost a committed Logic customer.  Giving people notice that new software is on the horizon would be a smart decision to keep customers like myself, who have bought a number of machines and software from your company, a smart decision.


I hope Logic Pro X works out for everyone else.



Logic Studio, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I am sure it will work out just fine, do not worry. BTW: Apple pre-announce a while ago that they are indeed working on Logic Pro X. They just didn't say when it will ship.

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    Yes, they said they were working on it, but Apple has been saying they are working on a Logic update for 4 years now.  They should give at least a couple of weeks notice before they release it.  It's not like it ship's physically - it's nothing more than a download on the App Store now.  It's not like when I bought the full Logic Studio 8 package, and the Logic 9 upgrade's.


    I mean, they plan on releasing the new Mac Pro this fall - I know it's coming, so I'm not investing in another machine as I know it's DEFINTELY going to be here at some point this year.


    Nonetheless, they've lost another one of us to Pro Tools - I would have been happy to stick with what I have been a part of for over 8 years (being Logic), but they chose to not even give us committed users the head's up that something new was definitely coming. 


    Spending $700 dollars on something I have to re-learn as opposed to spending $200 on something I know and enjoy - trust me, I would have loved to have stayed with Logic.  But onward to Pro Tools, I suppose.

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    ProTools requires iLok. Therefore it should be possible to sell and transfer your license to someone else. Assuming you bought the new ProTools, you should only need to give a slight discont for it to be attractive to someone else.


    In fact, if you only bought it a week ago you can probably return it as unwanted. Most credit card companies will help if you need to dispute it.

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    Although in theory it sounds like it would work - I can't find anyone who would buy opened software even close to the cost that was originally paid for it.


    I don't know any way to return this as unwanted.  Guitar Center has a strict policy about opened software not being able to be returned.


    I just hope everyone gets to enjoy this new version of Logic.  Since the money has already been spent, I guess I gotta go back to being a 'Pro Tools Guy'.  Really, the only people to lose anything here is Apple.  They lost a good audio customer.  I'll still use other Apple products - but because of their lack of keeping us pro users informed, they lost out on a committed customer that consistently buys their software and hardware.

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    They may have a strict policy but you'd be surprised how often you can push that, particularly when Avid says stuff can be returned. Again, credit cards are your friend.


    Ebay may also work.


    As for Apple's lack of keeping pro users informed, I would point out that most companies do not provide specific information about product release dates.

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    I do empathise with you but I'm lead to believe that ProTools is preferred by professionals over Logic. So apart from having to learn something new I'm sure you'll be well placed. Keep in mind that Logic Pro X only supports 64 Bit plugins so if you still have them youll need extra third-party conversion software to keep them recognised and working. I'm sure that Logic Pro X is as good as the early reviews but I'm not convinced I'll need it just yet because I am already on a steep learning curve and not deriving income from iTunes sales yet.


    Be sure to check out groove3, macprovideo and musiccoursesonline as I have just confirmed they all offer online video tutorials for ProTools and I can highly recommend the first two. Youll need to subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription but definetly worth it as theyre a massive time and frustration saver.


    The other upside is that when youre ready you can get LogicProX some improvements (as usual) will undoubtebly be made. Then youll know both and have one over us all.