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I've been trying to erase and reinstall Lion on a refurb (not Apple) MacBook Pro (2011) I bought recently, in order to send it back (so minus any of my details and as I received it).


I've either got stuck on the Internet Recovery (got spinning globe and then error 2002F - no idea what that is though) or using Recovery HD I get as far as the reinstall, only for it to ask my Apple ID - and then to be told I've not purchased Lion (although I have purchased ML on my account for my other Mac this was to replace).


Do I assume then that Lion wasn't actually shipped with this MBP if it's asking me to download from the App Store? I've erased the disk, so at least they can't get my details (not that any real sensitive date was entered) but wanted to restore so it was back to exactly how it was shipped.


Any help would be appreciated!