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Hey People!


I'm currently editing a 30 minute doc for broadcast in Final Cut Pro 7. Before sending to color, I duplicated the master and made it into two 15 minute halves.

I left all transitions and effects intact, which I usually do. I only use cross dissolves. All video is on Track 1.


After correcting the first half I sent it back to FCP without an issue. Transitions and filters remained.


When I finished up with the second half and sent it back to FCP - there were no transitions or filters.

I've tried re-conforming and re-rendering but with no luck.


Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Color, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    First off, there's no need to break it up into two sections. Color in FCP 7 handles 30 min sequences just fine. I've done 48 min ones fine.


    So you exported an XML from FCP 7, and imported that into Color to reconform, and send back, and it didn't help?  What codec are you sending to Color...?