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My problem is first the Motion 5 software. When I try to Export all the area is grey out.(not active)


So I thought I would reinstall the program. When I when to the app store it show a button for update. So I update.... but the program Motion 5 still show Motion 5.0.4 version that:s the old version NOT with the update version that it should show Motion 5.0.7.


Now on the app store it show installed but is not. Also I can not reinstall the Motion.

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    This issue of greyed out share keeps coming up, so I thought I'd do some more serious web searches on the subject. I've gathered a few of the suggestions that seem to have the best results, hopefully one or all of these will help.  Most posts in the FCPX and Motion forums point to MacKeeper as a potential part of the problem and here's a summary of suggestions I've found:


    -Make sure your copy MacKeeper up to date.

    -Try disabling MacKeeper or look for settings that relate to Motion and disable them.

    -Uninstall Motion and re-install it.


    If you try any of these please let the community know if they do or don't work.  I still haven't seen many repsonses confirming a solid solution and I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.


    As for your re-install problems, have you followed throught these?



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    If you have MacKeeper installed get rid of it. It will do you more harm than what is worth.


    For more info about MacKeeper read this:


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    Thank you for your reply to my problem with Motion 5. Just to update you that so far I deleted MacKeeper  and Motion 5. I'm nt sure if I had fully deleted Motion 5 because I just it in the trash.


    Second, I been on the phone with Apple for 1:45 mins regarding my App Motion 5 can not be reinstall or repurchase. They still can not fix this problem and the iTunes department will email me within 24-48 hours. 3 days still no solution, I gota go take some meds to calm me down. I will update you guys to see if this works or not.


    To completely delete Motion 5 are there any other hidden files in the Library, Preferences etc needed to be deleted as well? Thanks

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    Try this free app from Digital Rebellion and see if it will delete the files that you missed.



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    Just checking, did you follow all the instructions in the knowledge base articles.  You must delete the application as part of the steps, not just move it to the trash.  If you want to make sure to keep a copy follow the steps in the second article I mentioned.  Also, do you have any addtional backup copies on your system, like on a second hard drive or partition?  If so, unmount those.  I recall a thread some time back there that was the issue, the user had multiple copies of motion that were not compressed.

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    Don't laugh when I let you guys know how I fix the geyed out problem. It took me six days and with Apple email support. At the end I somehow stumble into the answer. The problem is that I had the application Motion 5 in the application folder. Even after I trash all the related subfolder the application actully is still there....except now is call app. After I update to 10.7.5 I didn't know I should open the Motion 5 in my launch pad. So I when in the launch pad found Motion 5 open the app everything works!! Pretty crazy.

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    Re-install fixed Motion 5 greyed out buttons for me - my issue seemed to be with MacKeeper (can't believe I fell for the need for avirus scan/system cleaner. This programme has caused me no end of grief - FCP 6.6 no longer runs and neither does iWeb) - I'll have to uninstall if these issues continue... quick trash & re-install of Motion 5 from the App store & I'm up and running again. That said - I'll look more closely at the MacKeeper settings (and other programmes!) before I scan again - guess I was a bit naive to just run it!

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    I don't know many thinks, but this i know very well : Trow mackeeper away and youre troubles will go with it.