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Hello to all,


Last night I had put my Mac to sleep; today, when I woke it up I found a pop up stating that I had not ejected the disk properly, and that there will be an attempt to repair it. [It did not state which disc had not been ejected properly...I have several externals attached]. The pop up also instructed me that next time I eject a disk, I should select and eject it using the finder. My problem is this: I had only put the Mac to sleep and had not ejected any of the drives attached.


Anyway, thinking that it is better for me to do so, I opened up disk utility and started to repair/ repair permissions. All the external drives were given a clean chit, but while repairing disk permissions for the internal hard drive, I encountered this statement:




May I be informed by enlightened members as to what action I should recourse to in this matter? Is this a matter to be greatly concerned about?


Thanks in advance.

iMac, iMac:21", MID-2011
Solved by BGreg on Jul 16, 2013 6:52 PM Solved
There are many messages resulting from repairing permissions that can be ignored. See this Apple note for the list.