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I'm not going to upload movies on iPad mini (I will watch movie in Internet),I will have about 20-25 songs,5-10 games(from the subway surfers to fifa 13 and gta vice city) and a little of the required applications: (such as skype/ibooks and others)

Enough of me 16GB for this ?

iOS 6
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    Yes for just that 16GB should be.

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    I'll take photos and shoot video too.

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    Then no, you are better off going for the 32GB or more.

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    I will take pictures very little; photographs-medium

    Easy i want to buy a version with 3G;on 32GB I don't have enough money

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    I have a 16gb ipad and I don't take pics vid etc much but i have to delete them all the time from the ipad.

    you only get around 13gb for the 16gb that you can use. If you don't mind having to delete things and not keep a lot of photos on the iPad then 16gb should be okay for you.


    But if I was you I would go for 32gb one

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    so what do you think ?

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    i dont mind )

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    The thing is, many, many people, once they start using an ipad and learn all they can use it for, end up needing more storage space on their ipads. And you cannot increase space. So go for the most you can afford. Our younger son got a 64 gb, only thought he'd need 32 gb, and he's used more than the 32 gb in a matter of months. He's in college and he can store books, documents, etc., and more movies and music than he thought he'd need. (Videos will take up space quickly.) And you actually start out with less than 16 gb because some space is used up by apps and programs that come pre-installed and are necessary for your ipad mini to work.


    Last year we bought two refurbished ipads from the Apple Refurb store on the Apple website. They are great!

    They come with new covers (front and back,)  a brand new battery, and a full one year warranty. Now with Apple care + ($99.00)you can get more coverage that will cover accidental damage like broken glass and wet ipads (3 incidents of damage.) I think it's well worth it. PLEASE do not buy a refurb anywhere else!


    If you planned on buying a new 16 gb mini with cellular, it costs $459.00. In the refurb store the 32 gb mini with cellular is $469.00, so only $10.00 more than you planned to spend and twice as much space.


    So if I were you, I'd go for the ccertified refurbished ipad 32 gb from the Apple website. Please note that the different colors and sizes come and go in the refurb store, so when you see what you want, act on it. Delivery is fast.


    Please let us know what you decide.


    Hope this helps.

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    Sorry,but I live in Russia and will going to buy an iPad mini at the local store and I'm afraid buy refurbished products

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    Appleuser 1322 is soooooooooooooo right.  I was going to buy the 32GB mini, but luckliy the 64GB model was on sale at the time, so I went for that.  If I had the 32GB, it would be full already!  You can never have enough storage on any computer, including the iPad.  You will not be happy with 16GB if you're regularlly loadibng photos and videos.

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    I wasn't aware you're in Russia and I know that sales, etc. differ from country to country.


    I just checked and there is now an Apple on line store in Russia.  But I could not see if you can buy a refurbished ipad mini on it (free shipping.)


    http://www.macrumors.com/2013/06/26/apple-launches-online-store-in-russia-with-f ull-product-lineup/


    If you start a new thread (if you can buy refurbs on the Apple site) and ask a general question like "if you buy a refurbished ipad or other Apple product on the Apple website are they good?"you might get you many responses.


    We never bought anything refurbished from anywhere, but they had stopped selling the ipad2 32gb and 64gb and for our reasons preferred the ipad 2 over the newer, now discontinued ipad with retina display. I can tell you with certainty that our experience with these refurbed products has been great.


    If you are buying from a local store you might want to make sure to buy one at a certified Apple reseller. Whatever you do, you might want to consider saving more to get a 32 gb ipad mini !!! And once you've bought whichever you decide, enjoy it!