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Roneyboyz Level 1 Level 1

my divide have not connection to internet if i don't reset it everyday or to, i have to cycle it. Anyone know a problem like me help me out please

airport utility, iOS 1.x
  • Roneyboyz Level 1 Level 1

    my device not my divide

  • Tesserax Level 9 Level 9

    Has this problem always existed or just started happening recently? Which exact model of AirPort do you have? What is the make & model of your Internet modem? Is the AirPort the only wireless router in your current network configuration?

  • Jakebuf Level 1 Level 1

    I installed a New Extreme, the one with "a/c" a couple of weeks ago and ever since I have to reset once or twice a day. This is true for my Macbook Pro and Ipad but does not seem to affect my Iphone 4/5 .

    I previously had an earlier generation Extreme and did not have that problem. My provider is Charter and after installing the new Extreme  I had to have them out because the internet went down after about an hour of operation. The tech installed a new filter at the entry point to the house and the system has worked better but as I sid I still have to reset  on my Ipad during the day.