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I'm making recordings of Keynote slideshows, and I keep running into the same problem: any time I include an animation, of any sort, the export to Quicktime fails. Any advice?


Specifically, regardless of the format (whether it's an animated GIF, a Quicktime movie, or ???), I have the animation set to begin immediately, on transition. I can see it animating while I'm talking. When I export it to Quicktime, my voice continues, but Keynote remains stuck on the first frame. Sometimes it does animate a little bit, toward the end of the time that I'm on the slide, but regardless, voice and video sync are way, way off for the rest of the movie.


Has anyone else encountered this and fixed it? I've seen one person be advised to export using fixed timing, but that's not an option for me: the amount of time I spend on the different slides varies quite a bit.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), Keynote '09 v5.3 (1170)