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I think my old 2008 MacBook Pro has suffered the NVIDIA fail... no response to the screen (or to external). I have couple of resets to try when I get home which I discovered this morning, but think it's definitely gone.


Does anyone know a rough cost of what this might be to repair/replace please?? Was going to be up for sale to help fund a new one, so want to weigh up putting it right against selling for parts.


Not a great week for me and MBPs.... *sigh*






MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    The GPU is soldered onto the logic board, so the whole logic board has to be replaced. This makes the repair an expensive one, costing a half of the price of the MacBook or more. If it's cheaper, you are lucky, because the logic board is the most expensive part.


    Considering this, you may want a new MacBook Pro if the cost is high

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    I may have someone who *might* be able to do the repair cheaply, so it would just be the part being the main cost...


    I'm ordering a new one anyway as it was getting long in the tooth anyway, and as said - selling this was to part fund it. I'm living in hope it might be worthwhile to fix to get the best price for it!

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    Be careful with that people. Your MacBook needs a special logic board and other logic boards won't work. Also, if he/she tries to quit the GPU, the logic board may get damaged if it's not done properly. And Apple will refuse to repair the MacBook.


    Apart from that, good luck with that

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    Point taken. May see if I can take it to the Apple Store over the weekend and ask a cost...


    Selling for parts may be the easiest solution though....



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    You are welcome

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    I don't know what it would cost to replace and it's quite possible that there is no longer anyone who replaces it as the part is not made anymore.  What most repair people do is called reflowing.  This is where they take out the logic board ad wrap it in tin foil, then bake it so the gpu melts into place.  This is not permanent but will give you a couple of months.  BUT, it is not the only way, and there is a DIY way that can be done for FREE.  Here is what you should do:


    1. Plug in your macbook pro (make sure that its off)

    2. Turn on the computer, and hwen it chimes, close the lid and turn it updside down.

    3. Wrap the macbook in a heavy quilt.

    4. Let the computer sit for about an hour.

    5. Take it out of the quilt, unplug it and let it cool for 20 minutes.

    6. Turn on the computer.


    Thats all you need to make your macbook pro run for another 4-6 months!  I can attest to this as i had the same thing and i am typing this on that very computer.  IT IS NOT PERMANENT, but it CAN be repeated as many times as you want, s you could keep it goin for another 2 years or so.