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    Thanks for the message.  Very well said.  I've been an Apple user since 2006. I know they don't say much.  Yes, I know it would be nice if Apple would give us a clue as to what's going on but they haven't and there's nothing we can do about it, so why get upset. It's pretty much the same as losing apps or whatever because you didn't backup.  Download everything you need to download and whatever you think your going to need for your project before things like this happen.  Be prepared. It's the best way.

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    I am losing $16,000 a day.

    My wife delivered one day early becasue of this.

    I have lost weight and am unable to sleep.

    My neighbor can't wash his car.

    My niece lost her Elmo doll.

    And I am afraid to change the batteries in my Apple Mouse.

    I am suing.

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    stuartsoft wrote:


    Apple doesn't deserve my hard earned $100 after all this. We've said it several times on this thread, Apple should have given the developers some kind of heads up. Even if this wasn't expected, they still should have notified the developers what was delaying the website and explain how they planed to resolve the issue and when the portal would be back online. Enough of this "We'll be back soon". People have jobs that depend on these services working and shockingly enough, even pay to use them. If Apple isn't able to hold up their end, the least they could do is let us know.



    According to your profile you joined here July 18th apparently just to complain. Your earlier posts suggest you only just joined the Apple Developer program and paid your $100 so I can sympathize with the unfortunate timing and the feeling of being cheated. But if you have been a developer for any length of time you would remember the days when you paid thousands to join programs such as the Microsoft program or even Apple back in the day (though a free WWDC pass and equipment discounts were included with the price.) Asking Apple to provide you information on what is happening and ETAs is not going to help them get it fixed any faster. And it probably means taking resources away from what they are doing. "We'll be back soon." is all they can say. Giving a "when" risks making a promise they cannot keep.


    And as soon as the site comes back up, hundreds of stubborn developers like myself are going to renew their developer subscription and give Apple the money they don't deserve. It just goes to show how much power they have over the developing community that they can have an unannounced 3 day outage and still get people coming back.


    Are you implying that they have some sort of evil "power" over devlopers who choose to develop for their platform? You are free to develop for some other platform. Consider what you get for your $100 besides the free access to betas. They video the WWDC conference and post it online, write documentation, and provide plenty of other downloadbale resources ad you get 2 tech support incidents. I honestly doubt that the $100 price was chosen to make them a profit. It was chosen to keep the riff-raff away. Even in not so distant past when it was $500 they created and mailed a monthly CD to developers. I am pretty certain that was not a profit making operation either.


    What they don't deserve is a bunch of whinging from developers who should know better.

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    Guy's what's the problem?


    We all know...Apple will release next Monday the new iOS 7 Beta 4.

    The Developer Area is still down in Maintenance! Thats fact!


    Anyone think really the Developer Area will come online before the release? no way guys.


    What Apple change in the background we don't know it! So stil wait. i think on Monday we know all more!


    Fact is...iOS 7 Beta 3 is used by to much User! Check any Webstatistic you like and see it is to much iOS 7 Beta Devices online! i think Apple will bring a break to stop the Bypass for using iOS 7 Beta!


    Think about it!!! The Beta is just for Developer for Bug reporting and App updes / fixes. Not to play for normaly User!

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    Reply to Bangkok Online



    I think you are right in your opinion about the use of the iOS betas. And it's too easy to get the betas - from various developers who submit the betas on the web.

    I've been waiting my whole life on a mobile phone like the iPhone, so I can easily wait until Monday!

    A perfect weekend for all who read this - from Denmark!

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    There's a big difference between a technical issue and a security issue.


    It should be obvious by now that Apple has intentionally shut down the Dev site because they are investigating a security breach.


    Every normal update has a rollback option that can be put to work when something goes terribly wrong.

    Apple would certainly be able to return to status quo if it wa just an update.


    The are probably checking how much data might be compromised and what attack vectors led to the breach.


    This is not a technical issue. Even the smallest company in the world would be able to get something up and running again within 3 days.

    Even with all Provisioning Profiles and Certificates wiped from their databses.


    They could simply say "Sorry, re-create your certificates and profiles."

    But they don't.


    They are probably still under attack monitoring connection attempts and access patterns.


    PS: If you consider that most devs pay for iOS and Mac dev center access, that's 200$ per year per dev.

    How many registered devs did they announce at the keynote? I'd be happy to have that amount of money as annual revenue

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    Nothing is obvious.

    The only fact we have is that the dev portal is down.

    Anything beyond that is speculation.


    And I seriously doubt your contention that most "devs pay for iOS and Mac dev center access".

    What is your source for that?

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    "I honestly doubt that the $100 price was chosen to make them a profit. It was chosen to keep the riff raff away. "


    That might be true, but Apple could easily create iOS images that would only run on devices provisioned in the portal. They could sign parts of the OS and refuse to start Apps if the device does not have a "Core Provisioning Profile" from the dev center.


    No, they don't do that either. They know for sure that any beta is available on bittorrent etc. regardless of any NDA. If they really like to enforce any kind of NDA, it would be dead easy for them to do so.


    But they don't. They accept the hype as part of their business model.


    But this is off-topic.


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    Here is an idea...


    Maybe they are testing a new, dynamic download system that will sign each beta download so that the downloader can be identified when the download shows up on BitTorrent. Apple can then disable that copy and kick out the dev who leaked it.

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    Apple sorry but I think this idea is out of this world!

    Yes to make a dynamic upload system is a idea but what's the way to Controll any x00,000 Developer around the World?

    Yes you can generate a md5 hash to activate or verify the file but how big need this Database?


    I think they just update all Background Infos, fix any security sensitiv bugs and bring a new Developer Area.

    iOS 7 is more then just a new Screen and a Notification Center!


    But the easy way is: simple wait the next 24-36 hours. :-)

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    Anyone else notice iRadio is down too?  Related or conincidence?

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    All is down!


    Maybe anyone hacked Apple and shutdown all Area to promote Android!


    hahaha ... Joke. We all know nothing. Still wait for Monday. 

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    Well, I can tell you one thing - Apple has given a new meaning to the word "soon".

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    And one more thing: They say "If your program membership was set to expire during this period, it has been extended". They should really extend it for all of us.

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