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I cannot find out why my facetime doesnot work on my iphone 4.  Whenever a facetime the call is answered and then it immidiately loses connection.  I have tried resetting all settings and content, restoring my iphone using icloud, turning on facetime in settings, turning off all restrictions on camerea and facetime. What am I missing? Facetime used to work. At one point it stopped working. I am not sure if it is iOS6. Please help.



iPhone, iOS 6.1.3
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    Just to double check you tried everything.

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    I went through the facetime trouble shooting list one by one.  The problem with restore is I think it is restoring the phone to a point where facetime isn't working. I dont know how to restore to an older date. I also have (3) more apple devices ipod touch, another iphone for work and an iPAD.  For all of these devices facetime works fine on same wifi. So I think the problem is in the iphone device itself. Do you think I need to restore phone on computer to itunes instead of icloud?



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    Is this lost connection only happening to one person or everyone?



    Just to test and see if it is the device itself.


    Create a backup of your phone either thru itunes or icloud


    After the backup is finish, then restore your phone as new and not from backup.


    settings - general - reset - erase all contents and settings.


    Once you set up as new, then try facetime and see if it works.

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    Yes that worked!!!!! But how to bring back all my photos and apps? On icloud i brought back my contacts notes and reminders and bookmarks but no photos or apps. I know its part of back up. How do I extract certain things from backup?



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    Ok.  You'll want to restore your phone to your backup.


    So go to settings - general - reset - erase all contents and settings.  This time choose to restore from backup.

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    But won't this cause facetime not to work again?

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    I'm not sure.  The only reason I'm asking you to restore from your backup again is 1. to test facetime again, and 2. to import your pictures over to your computer and then later you can sync those pics back to your phone using itunes



    I should've had you do that along with the backup prior to doing the restore as new.  Sorry it's an extra step.  But restore from backup and see if it works, if it doesn't then do the importing of the pics and restore your phone as new again, then you can sync your pics back to your phone using itunes.


    apps are the same you sync them back with itunes.

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    I already backed up my photos on computer and I will just redownload the apps that i want from app store updates. I have too many darn apps anyways. So I will leave as new.  Thank you for all your help.



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    No problem anytime.

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    I have the same issue.  Apple store genius had no clue what to do. I have done all that was listed but have not deleted the phone and start as New, I have only deleted all then backuped immediately.    Any other workaround rather than starting out fresh as New?    Wifi works fine, camera works.  


    thank you

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    I have same FaceTime issue.  One day 2 weeks ago it stopped working.  Today I backed up my phone, then erased all data and restored as new.  Facetime worked.  Restored my phone with APPS, Pics, etc. and now FaceTime doesn't work again.  Called Apple Support and offered no help...any other suggestions?!?!?

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    I just got the same problem.  Looks like this is the fix?

    I think its a *BUG*!!

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    This is also happening to me.  I hope Apple can come up with a fix without having to restore the phone.

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    I have now also the same problem. I have iphone 4. I just waiting for the IOS7 release. Is my problem not solved, then I will check the new samsung galaxy.... That's it!

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