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I inherited my MacBook from my wife and all the files are in a folder named after her.  How can I change the name of this folder with the house icon?  Is this the name of the computer itself?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    Here are the instructions from Apple on changing user short name or home directory name. I've used this on a couple of used MacBooks I've bought on eBay. And remember to go into System Preferences>Sharing and change the Computer Name in there.

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    Note that while it is possible to change the name of a home directory, it's not recommended that you do so since such a change can cause unexpected and in some cases very undesirable issues. It would be best to create a new user account for yourself, log into the system using that account, copy over any documents from the existing account you wish to keep, and then delete the old account.