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Okay, I've spent the past couple hours searching various forums and youtube videos for a fix, and I just cannot find one (or nothing seems to be working for me). I have an iPod Touch 64gb 3rd Gen that just recently started the reboot loop. It randomly shut off on me earlier today, and everytime I try to turn it on I only see the apple logo screen for a few seconds and then it shuts off. I then researched and attempted to force the iPod into recovery mode and restore it. Apparently this has worked with others. When I attempt to restore using the most up to date software (and my iTunes is up to date), the restore process completes and there are no errors. However, once the iPod resets after the restore is complete, it goes right back to recovery mode. I have also tried to restore with older versions of the software, but I always get "unknown error code (3194)". I have also tried this on two different computers. And, if you are wondering, after I restore it, if I unplug it and take it out of recovery mode, it just goes right back to the reboot loop. Does anyone have any additional pointers? Also, I don't want to get in trouble (I have never jailbroken anything I own), but I did attempt to use ireb7 to force it out of the restore loop. This did not work.

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