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Recently had to wipe my computer, and so lost all music on my iTunes. But the music is on my iPhone. Have yet to connect phone and computer because afraid music on phone will be wiped and I will lose my playlists. Is there a way to avoid having to manually reload my music into iTunes??


Thanks in advance.


Ari G

iPhone 4S
  • AAN2 Level 3 (640 points)

    If it's previously purchased music, or you subscribe to iTunes Match, you can redownload the songs onto your computer all at once in the iTunes Store on your computer.


    Go into the iTunes Store, sign in to your Apple ID, look for the quick links and click "purchased", click on the music tab if it's not selected by default, click the cloud at the bottom right that says "download all".


    If they are ripped from CD's then you will have to rerip them.

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    Thanks. That bites though, I was hoping somehow my iPhone could connect with cloud to put it there, then bring it into iTunes. Oh well, there goes another weekend

  • dilbert41 Level 4 (3,375 points)

    If you don't already have an iCloud account - set one up.  Then you can do a backup of your phone to the Cloud.

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    I did, but what about the music files?

  • dilbert41 Level 4 (3,375 points)

    At least you will have a backup. You can try getting the music off the phone and back onto your PC by using third party software like iExplore or Dr.Phone.  There are plenty out there.