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Why are photos missing on PC that display in Photo Stream on iPad. Only the latest 50 or so show up but stream is over 700. I did have many more at one time but may have deleted them. I thought that all that were still in the stream should show up on PC. It seems wrong that iPad would show 700+ and PC does not show these. Is there any way to get them to upload to the PC?

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    I know this has not wroked for some and did not think it worrked for me but I signed out of Photo Stream and back in and now the photos are being sent to my PC so MAGIC I guess bvecasue it looks like it is going to work.

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    WRONG, it did not work. I got only `168 photos to the PC out of narly 700. More than I had but far from complete. What an unreliable system this seems to be. Why is this happening and how do I fix it.?