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I'm a Mac OSX 10.8.4 (i-mMac): I found Java visualvm on my applications through utilities. When I try to open, it says I need to install a Java 6 SE runtime.  Should I dump this java even if I don't use the runtime? I've heard all Java is unsafe. What do you think?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Yes you need runtime in order to run java

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    Thanks suchalove8,

    That does make sense. However, I really don't want to run the java. I'd heard that java was a source for virus infiltrtion for macs and wondered now that i see this is on my computer if I have anything to worry about as long as I'm not using runtime or running java? Should I dump it or is it safe to leave well enough alone? Thanks for the help!

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    I am an apple tech, and yes java had issues earier this year with security, but since then has resolved the issues.

    Apple computers have a built in virus protection with-in their OS. Dont always believe what you hear.

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    Java has had extremely serious issues with security on Macs for more than a year at least. It has been responsible for most of the malware that has infected Macs since early spring of 2012. Patches have been issued now and then, but Java is so full of holes that this hasn't really helped. (Often, new vulnerabilities have been found and exploited the next day.)


    It is true that there haven't been any KNOWN Java exploits on the Mac in a few months. (I stress the word "known," because a lot of the malware over the last 6 months has been targeted very tightly on specific individuals or small groups, making it harder to discover.)


    Bottom line, you should not trust Java in a web browser at this point. If you must use it, you should take great care.


    That said, Java is fine to use for running apps on your computer. (Just as fine as running any app.) It is only really dangerous when enabled in the web browser. You can install Java if you need to, as long as you disable it in your web browser.


    For more info, see:



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    Thanks to both suchalove8 and Thomas A.. Reed! Very helopful info. Mr. Reed, that explanation and the link really clarified everything for me. I really appreciate it!