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I want to download several episodes of a favorite TV show at home to take to a vacation spot where we will have no wifi access--will not be able to stream content. The "download options" instructions iTunes offers seem to me ambiguous on that point. Thanks for any enlightenment!

iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 6.1
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    Yes, you can. What is confusing or which show are you wondering about? Did you check in iTunes? That article that you were reading when you posted here is about Season Passes, boxed sets, etc.

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    Thank you, Demo. That answers my question. I was concerned from the following that perhaps only one episode could be downloaded at a time:


    When purchasing a TV season or Season Pass on an iOS device, you'll be presented with two options:

    • Tapping the Later button will not download any episodes. You'll be able to download your episodes at any time from iTunes in the Cloud.
    • Tapping the Download button will download the earliest episode of the season. Examples:
      • If you have not purchased or downloaded any episodes from a season, episode 1 of that season will download.
      • If you have previously purchased or downloaded episode 3 of a season, episode 4 of that season will download.
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    As I understand things, it is literally true that "only one episode [can] be downloaded at a time" in the sense that only one download process runs at a time, but once episode 1 has downloaded you can tap Download again to get episode 2, again for episode 3, et cetera, so long as you have enough storage on your iPad.