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iOS 6.1.3

64GB iPad with Retina Display

12.7 GB iCloud storage available

Current backup (July 6, 2013) uses 9.6 GB


Last iPad backup was July 6, 2013.


I have reset the iPad (Home Button + Power Button)


At the moment I am trying a manual backup. Here's what I see:


Spinning progress indicator followed by "Backing Up..."

A progress bar that hasn't budged in an hour.

A message stating "Estimated time remaining..." which has been there for the same hour.


My iPhone, on the same wireless LAN and the same iCloud account backs up regularly, all by itself.


My iPad used to backup regularly, all by itself, but, for reasons that remain mysterious, stopped on July 6, 2013. Every night my iPad is plugged in, locked and connected to the wireless LAN. Everything else works fine.


What now?

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    An hour and a half later it's still stuck exactly as described above....

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    24 hours later and I finally have a message telling me that there is "About 32 hours remaining".


    When I go to  General->Usage->Storage->Manage Storage it twlls me my backup size is 4.8 GB. Presumaby, much of this is already backed up, so a current, incremental backup should be much less than this. (I have 17.4 GB available iCloud storage.)


    How can it possibly take 32 hours to do an incremental backup and why did it take 24 hours to calculate that amount?

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    Still no success, but I think I understand what's going on....


    Every few months I go on a dive trip. During those trips I am away from the mainland and away from the Internet for five or six days at a time. Also during those trips I transfer many gigabytes of photos and videos from various cameras to my iPad.


    My guess is that when I finally have a WiFi Internet connection again, iOS simply cannot cope with the huge amount of new data that needs to be backed up to iCloud. So, it fails without issuing any sort of meaningful error message.


    Any idea how I can report to Apple this serious flaw in iOS iCloud backups?

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    So, when I got up this morning my iPad says that the last backup was at midnight. Now, that's odd, because when I went to bed at 9:00 PM it said there were still 32 hours remaining.


    So very strange.