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I'm still running on final cut 6.0.1 and on Motion 3.0.1 and on DVD Studio Pro 4.0.1 etc.

It has some bugs, but I've found work arounds for all the things I need. I never updated, because I found out that later updates would fix the old bugs, but would have new bugs. The last thing I wanted to do is spend another 3 weeks figuring out work arounds for the new bugs. Most of these bugs, or potential bugs concern compatibility between the different Final Cut studio family: importing motion files into final cut, DVD SP, etc.


Recently I used Final Cut Pro 7, the lastest updated version, and found out that Motion files weren't being imported correctly into Final Cut: the sound wouldn't work. What a waste of time trying to resynchronize with the orginal file in the timeline. This doesn't encourage me to update. At least my set-up imports the sound correctly.


But now, I need to convert MXF files into DV format (to do a multi-camera edit with orginal footage in DV). I haven't found a single free MXF to DV file converter for MAC, (perhaps you know one?) so I thought I'd import them and convert through FC Studio by installing a free plugin. However, to do so, I have to update. I'll have to make a choice.

Is there any place where I can see a list of all the compatibility bugs and known issues that still exist? Or is there a web page that lists all the work arounds?



Mac OS X (10.5.8)