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I want to make a DVD with subtitles. I have a main menu with this buttons: Play Movie, Play Trailer, Language selection. The Movie has 4 Audio Tracks and 4 Subtitle tracks. I want it as default to play Audio Stream 1 and Subtitle Stream 1 when the disc ins inserted into the player.... That works fine when I press the Play Movie button. I have put a script before the main menu that sets the Streams. But when I first watch the trailer and then start the movie, I get Audio track one, which is english and Subtitle Track 3 which is German ( I am in Germany and I think all the DVD players are set to German, but the only thake the German Subs, not the German Audio...)..... then I can go to my Language selection menu and chose German Audio with Spanish subtitles, ( the Audio and Subtitle selection buttons have scripts...Set system Stream, Immediate Value, Audio Stream.... and Subtitle Stream and then a Jump command to go back to the Language selection menu  ) go to the main menu, start the movie and have the desired Selection. Everything seems fine... but when I watch the Traiuler and than go back to the movie again, it is English with English Subtitles ( Sub Stream 1 and Audio Stream 1 ) Any idea what I can do ? I think I need some more scripts....


Many thanks, Martin

DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)