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This is a question RE a clean install of ML ... moving from SL (which I did a few months back).


I have since noticed that there are a number of older 'to dos' that I need to refer to from before the upgrade. None if these were transferred over, b/c I did a clean install and rebuilt the system manually from my backups. I.e before I upgraded I exported my mail and calendar files (and still have a copy of them) and was wondering if there is an easy way for me to get all my to dos out of the old iCal?


I am worried that whatever I do now may put all my mail/etc out of sync (I use a few google accounts and store vaious mail on my Mac from other accounts).


In sum, now that Mac has moved to Reminders for to dos, is there any way I can import my older to dos into the new 'reminders' app do I can have them all in one app again?


Or  - are there any other suggestions ... apart from throwing in the towel and just going to MS Office?




iCal, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)