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So I linked my UCF (Knights Email) account to my iPhone. It's microsoft exchange based. I get all the emails just fine, and when I open up Calender on my iPhone, I can create events under the "UCF" Calender just fine. I've created numerous events under the "UCF" calender, however, they do not show up on my Calender applicaiton on my MacBook Pro. I've added the Knights Email account to my "Accounts" under system prefernces on my MBP and it takes it fine, however, in Calender on my MBP, it prompts a message saying "Calender needs a valid email address to connect to the Exchange account 'Exchange'" However the email address works just fine on my iPhone. Any suggestions? Im not trying to hook my email up on my MBP to the Knights Email, all I want is to sync the calender events that I've added on my iPhone under the UCF calender to my MBP Calender.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), Calendar