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ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

My iBook Has a number of problems.

Sometimes the LCD does not turn on, The Computer Randomly Freezes, the hard drive sounds sluggish on bootup sometimes, and the computer sometimes on bootup tells me "INVALID MEMORY ACCESS".

Also the computer no longer has the ablility to connect to a secure network.

I am wondering what is going on with the computer?

Is it the hard drive? Is it the Memory?

I do not want the computer going to die.

Anybody know anything to help?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • CaptH Level 1 (55 points)

    Go to this website:



    They make hard drive testing tools and other stuff. In their downloads section they have a big book at the bottom of the page named hard drive troubleshooting. It's a free download. You didn't say what OS you were using but their products only support Leopard (10.5) and newer so they may not be of use to you.


    In my own opinion, based on the inforrmation you provided, I would say iit sounds like your logic board is going south or there's some type of intermittent disconnect in the unit somewhare. I say that because of the comment "Sometimes the LCD does not turn on" is usually not the sign of a hard drive problem.

  • Knucklesmac Level 4 (2,225 points)

    Hello and welcome to the support community,


    Which version of the iBook do you own?

    G4 12" or 14"


    What you need to do is run the Apple Hardware Test (AHT)

    You can run it from the original restore disk supplied when the iBook was first purchase.

    Memory problem, hard drive problem, it could be either of both problem. With any luck the AHT will pin point on testing what maybe the problem with your iBook. Here is some further information on running AHT


    If you don't have the restore disk to run AHT, then you can download a copy for Apple here:



    You may also wish to try resetting the PMU,

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    The website did not help. I have tried the Apple Hardware Test, And it just made the computer crash.

    You are probably right about the logic board going south.

    I could take apart the computer myself and replace the hard drive.

    I have a replacement hard drive from a PowerBook G4, But the only thing is that when i took apart the PowerBook,

    I had ruined the computer. I'm guessing that PowerBooks are harder to take apart than iBooks.

    I'm a little Skeptical to take the iBook apart because of the Powerbook,

    I would need a little video to help me with it.

    I am also skeptical about Re-Installing OS X. I have done that before, and the DVD Drive sounds like its spinning it at 35 Miles per Hour. It also makes so much noise when it does it.

    So this computer needs a new logic board and a new hard drive.

    I need a little video on how to do it.,

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm sorry. I have made a mistake.

    I will test the Apple Test Drive once more to be sure it tests and runs with my computer.

  • CaptH Level 1 (55 points) has a lot of step by step instructions and now videos for some of the units they take apart. It's worth a shot to look at it. I wouldn't assume the logic board needs replacement just yet, but it is a very likely possibility. Some other things I can think of are:

    1. re-seat the RAM chips
    2. re-seat the Airport Card


    Reseating the Airport card isn't easy like it was on an iBook G3. You need to open the unit up to access it, but I've seen such problems occur when the Airport is no connected properly. Disassembling a 12" PowerBook, if that's what you're talking about, is probably one of the most difficult jobs you can do. Replacing the DVD on one of them is a 3 hour job for me and I have a fair amount of experience. Replacing an HD for me on one of them takes me about 30 min. For me, replacing the HD on an iBook is about a 20-30 min job.


    If by chance this is one of the 1GHz iBooks, there's a good chance that cable to the drive has come unseated, and there's also a good chance the drive's cable connector is separating from the logic board.


    If you could get an external firewire enclosure, one idea might be to try and install the OS onto an external drive and see if it boots properly and the symptoms end. That could at least get the internal HD out of the picture and narrow down the scope of your problems.


    The reality of it is, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

  • Knucklesmac Level 4 (2,225 points)



    Before reaching for the screwdriver, I would first out rule the OS being a fault here.

    If the AHT comes back without any faults, then reinstall Mac OS X.

    The last two PowerBook's I own which has had the invalid memory access' was due to the OS.

    Back up your iBook's files ect.. to an external drive first and then try a fresh install from the restore disk. It may save you a lot of time and money. Make sure you select options when prompted for the install destination. Click format to extended journal, then flow the rest of the install process.


    If then you get the same problem on a fresh install of Mac OS X, look at alternative possibilities.

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    The AHT Did nothing.

    I had installed Mac OS 10.5 earlier this year and it was fine until now.

    If i were to reinstall MAC OS, it could happen again.

    When i installed Mac OS 10.5, the DVD Drive did not work. It would fail every time.

    I had to take it in to get it installed. They called 8 hours later to tell me that they had finished and it was ready to be picked up.

    Also to find that the replacment hard drive works for 12 inch Computers, Not 14 inch.

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    You're Correct.

    Taking apart a PowerBook 12 inch is EXTREMELY hard.

    You had the same idea as me. I was going to install Mac OS 10.5 On a External Drive and act as a hard disk.

  • Knucklesmac Level 4 (2,225 points)



    When you say the AHT did nothing what do you mean?

    Did it not run on your iBook or did all the results come back as 'Passes'?

    Did you have the original restore disks supplied with the iBook? (Grey disk, OS X 10.3)


    The hard drives found in 14" iBooks are the same as the 12" iBook's  both ATA 2.5" drives.

    Little confused by what you have said about replacement drives works for one but not the other.

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    The AHT Did not run on the iBook.

    The Hard drive was from a 12 inch PowerBook.

    I am Trying to install Mac OS 10.4

  • Knucklesmac Level 4 (2,225 points)



    Your trying to install Mac OS X 10.4 from the gray install disks? or a black retail disk?

    The mac OS X 10.4 your trying to install did that come with your iBook or the PowerBook?

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    The PowerBook Is out of the picture.

    I got the 10.4 Disk with the iBook.(Gray Disk)

  • Knucklesmac Level 4 (2,225 points)



    So you inserted the gray disk and held down the option key when booting. Once the menu showing the drives came up, you selected AHT? But nothing happened?

  • ClarisWorks Level 1 (5 points)

    Sorry For confusing you.

    I am currently using the gray disk for 10.4 and i found out that there is another Apple Hardware Test.

    I am currently Trying to use it now.

    I will tell you  the results in a few minutes.

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