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I've about 100 photo's. All taken under the same conditions.

I want to:


     - auto white balance

     - auto exposure

     - auto enhance



So I did this to the first photo, then lifted metadata & adjustments, highlighted Adjustments, selected photo's no. 2 until the last one and stamped them.

Aperture was a while busy processing.

After processing was complete, I discovered that the 'auto exposure' hadn't been applied (or false applied?) to several (probably all) photo's.

The photo's were clearly over-exposed. So I stamped some of them again, one by one, to if anything would change but no, nothing changed.

However, upon selecting a single photo and clicking 'Exposure->Auto' in the Adjustments tab, the Exposure was adjusted (example: from 1,24 to 0,13).

In the online help I cannot find anything that says that you can't stamp 'auto exposure' or that you can't stamp several adjustments at once.

Any idea why this isn't working (correctly) and how to solve it?

Checking 100 photo's one by one seems a bit silly to do . . .

I'm using Aperture 3.4.5 on a MacBook Pro (early 2011 model) with OS X 10.8.4, and no outstanding updates.


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MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 10.8.3
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    what do you see, when you look at the Lift&Stamp HUD and disclose the adjustment section in the HUD? I am seeing that White Balance, Exposure, Enhance, Curves, Highlights&Shadows will be lifted, with the three adjustments you mentioned.


    Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 14.41.08MESZ.PNG

    And if I select multiple images and stamp them, all adjustments are applied. Can it be, that you have the "Primary Only" flag set (Edit > Primary only)?

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    Kirby, I had the same suspicion, but for the test images I tried it worked well. But I have to construct more test cases.

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    leonieDF wrote:


    But I have to construct more test cases.

    Me too  .  I had hoped by posting quickly to help the OP accomplish the task, but I realized after reading your post that I was just making things less clear.


    Still brewing.

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    I can duplicate what you are seeing. The problem shows up depending on the order you apply the adjustments to the first image.


    1. First apply auto-exposure, then apply auto-enhance. Lift and stamp the adjustments. The auto-exposure adjustment is NOT applied to the selected images.


    2. Now switch the order... first apply auto-enhance, then apply auto-exposure. Lift and stamp the adjustments. The auto-exposure adjustment is applied to the selected images.


    So it would appear that stamping auto-adjustments fails depending on the order the adjustments were originally applied, at least when auto-enhance is included.


    The auto-exposure adjustment does show up in the lift-and-stamp HUDs, but isn't being applied.


    Some other notes...

    Auto-enhance never seems to adjust exposure; it uses a combination of other adjustments, sometimes not always for the better.

    Auto white balance gets thrown into auto-enhance, so I didn't include it when testing.


    This smells like a bug to me, and I'm going to report it as such. You should do the same if you agree.


    One more reason I don't like the whole lift & stamp approach to applying adjustments to multiple images. Blah!

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    Hello leonieDF,


    thanks. 'Primary Only' was set (althoug I haven't the faintest idea what is does).

    Can't remember ever having used/changed that setting.

    I turned it off and tried it again and now the stamp works, thanks!


    BTW, I do see exactly the same settings in the Lift & Stamp window under Adjustments as the screen shot you gave.


    Kind regards,



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    You are welcome.

    So it was again the Primary only  . I tried to explain what does in my User Tip here:



                     Keywords or ratings are applied only to one of the selected images - why?






    Can't remember ever having used/changed that setting.

    That is easily done accidentally by pressing the keyboard shortcut "P"

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    That are interesting findings, photographis. Makes sense.