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Hi guys hope you can help!


My MacBook pro won't turn on! There is no start up chime,  but I can hear the fan and drive come on. The screen also doesn't turn on.

I have tried the "PRAM" but no results. I have also tried holding down the power button with and without the power cord, but I still only get the drive and fan noise, no start up chime or screen.


I initially shut it down to cool off over night. The next morning it wouldn't come on. Only what I have described.



Can anybody please help with this?





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    Portables that will not Power on.





    Go step by step.


    Note: Steps 5 and 6




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    I had the exact same issue...  Macbook Pro late 2008 with Core2Duo.  Went to all the steps suggested in the knowledge base, tried to reset the SMC, but to no avail.   Took it to the Macstore in Mexico, the wanted to replace logic board for $800....  Finally, I sent it to a logic board repair service, where they "fixed"  the logic board for $200.  It worked perfectly for 4 months, then happened again   


    Any ideas??  I would appreciate any help!!!!!

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    Same issue with My MBP Late 2011. I called Apple's telephone support, the guy told me it is possibly something wrong with my hardware on the inside, which apple will charge me for crazily. Anyone with any solution please help.





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    Having the same issue here. It makes a noise inside (sounds like the hard drive kicking up) the fans start spinning and the light on the front turns on (the light on the little piece that allows the monitor to flip open). I get no startup chime or anything on my screen. I tried resetting the NVRAM but it doesnt seem like it does anything. I also tried resetting the SMC and nothing either. It is from 2009 and out of warranty so i can't take it in. How can i fix this without spending a fortune?

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    I have same issue with MBP late 2911 but purchased in 2012,

    I got battery sensors issue so removed battery and using as desktop without battery.

    Working but slow but since yesterday at the startup there is apple logo and blow that a bar that takes 10 to 20 min completion (?scan) than after completion MBP stops and require restart but again starts with Sam scan etc with NO startup tone chime. I don't get startup tone I think this us the major issue. I wanted to start safe mode but there is no seat up tone so shift key won't work even if u press same thing happens.

    Second thing if you could help

    I have USB net how can I start it because I can open MBP

    Please help ASAP


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    Exact the same issue, with a macbook pro freshly bought (Yesterday!). It worked only for a couple of hours. Tried to reset SMC, without any success.  I am really astonished.