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Mac OS X

In Apple Mail client, I wanted to color an email in my inbox as I often do. The keyboard shortcut is CMD + Shift + C. Been using it for years and previous OS'


But in ML I got an app called: Named Clipboard Switcher, which is actually very cool as just by selecting and not opening an email, invoking Clipboard Switcher you can copy the entire email and any links and paste into a Text Edit or Word doc and it looks exactly like the send email!


But I'm wondering how to find this app so I can change the keyboard shortcut that launches it as when it's active, I don't see it's name next to the Apple in the upper left.


I'd still like to be able to color my emails without going to the menu bar:  Format > Show Colors




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Solved by Steven Shmerler on Jul 20, 2013 8:42 AM Solved
Found it. It's a feature within Keyboard Maestro macro application.