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I want to reset my factory settings and install Snow Leopard again on my macbook, but my screen is broken. I have another macbook pro that works fine, but I dont know how to use this one for the installation. I read about the remote installation, but I dont understand which steps I must take and where I must place the dvd, what to do when I restart the computer, etc. Can anybody help me?


Thanks a lot!

MacBook (13-inch Late 2006), Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Connect them with a FireWire cable, start up the MacBook with the T key held down, and specify its internal drive as the target.



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    Which macbook with the T key hold down? The one I want to install snow leopard on?

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    Just to be sure (before I do anything I dont want)


    - My macbook (with the broken screen) is off with the install DVD in it

    - My good macbook pro is on?

    - I restart my macbook with T hold down


    And where can I specify its internal drive? As my screen is broken.


    thanks again

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    You put the DVD in the MacBook Pro and start up the MacBook with the T key held down. You'll be given the option to choose the MacBook's internal drive when setting up the installation.



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    I tried to do this, but now I only see a screen on my Macbook pro which says: you need to restart your computer.
    Did that several times, both macbooks, but it doesnt work...

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    The disk in question must be capable of starting up the MacBook Pro. If it isn't, it's not possible to perform the installation in that configuration.