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I recently installed the Samsung 840 Pro in my MacBook Pro. There is a disk that comes with the SSD and includes the Samsung Magician software for the SSD to keep the firmware of the SSD up to date. It doesn't look like it's compatible with Mac. Is this software necessary?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Samsung Magician Software is only compatible with Windows. You don't need it in Mac because it's not compatible, but it would be useful to upgrade the SSD firmware easily.


    If you want to upgrade the SSD firmware, you have to download the ISO, burn it into a DVD or USB drive and start up your Mac from it. See the SSD firmware updates for Macs > http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/samsungssd/downloads.html

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    How do I know if I have the lattest firmware on my Samsung 840 Pro?

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    Open System Information (in /Applications/Utilities), select SATA in the sidebar and choose the SSD. You will be able to see more information about the SSD, including the firmware

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    Is it works for you ? because for me on my MBP (Mid2012) it doesn't work !

    The FreeDos system can not boot correctly.

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    BUMP! Got the same problem on a mid 2012 macbook pro 13". Can't update the firmware for the samsung 830 ssd despite having just paid 130 pounds! what a joke.....

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    At present, no solution, the solution who gave me by the Samsung Support is to use a Windows PC.

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    Hi there, looking to replace my failing hard drive (MBP mid 2012) with an SSD.  Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem?  I had been looking at Samsung 840's but this might disuade me.  Thanks in advance

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    No news on my side

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    I Wrote Samsung Support to complain and got the reply that they will put a better working update tool on their website very very soon. I received that answer today May 28 2014.

    They will email me when that firmware update tool is released.


    My sytuation: iMac early 2008 with Samsung EVO 250Gb SSD and HD Caddy with a 750Gb HDD in place of the Super drive and the superdrive mounted in a external USB housing.

    Fusion Drive enabled.

    Works like a charm but I really would like to update the Firmware and be able to update it in the future.


    I tried everything from running Windows on the Mac using VMWare and using Magician to update the firmware, doesn't work, Install Windows on a external USB HDD and trying to do it that way, doesn't work.

    The only solution right now is to remove the SSD, mount it in a Windows machine, update the firmware and build it back in the iMac.

    I will give Samsung some time to supply the new and working update tool before I take the iMac apart.

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    I've done it by using the Magician software in Windows while running Bootcamp.

    No ill effects.

    BTW..no way to run .exe files directly on a Mac.  You can "look" at them with the Unarchiver App.

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    I have upgraded my MacBook Pro with a Samsung 1TB 840 Evo.  Top upgrade the firmware:

    1. Download the Firmware from your respective Samsung Support site.  This will be an *.ISO file.
    2. Insert a BLANK CD in your drive.
    3. Open the Disk Utility.
    4. Click the Burn icon.
    5. It will ask you for a file.  Select the *.ISO file that you just have downloaded.
    6. Burn it to disc.
    7. Restart your MacBook (make sure the disc you burned is in the drive).  Hold the Option key when the screen blacks out.
    8. Once restarted, it should enable you to boot from CD.
    9. Firmware update program will start.
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    Mid 2012 Macbook Pro added the Samsung 1TB 840 EVO.


    This worked for me. It warns you to backup your data during the process which I went back and did. Do it first if you are worried.

    In my case the firmware upgrade didn't destroy any data on the drive.

    When finished, I didn't know the command to restart so I used the power button to power off and back on.


    Thanks for the clear instructions. Big help.

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    Anyone could help me describing the upgrade procedure via an USB memory rather than a Bootable CD?

    I would like to install the .ISO file on an bootable USB stick.

    Thanks for your help