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I have an iPad, which is somehow linked to my Cell phone number. Anytime my wife sends me a message using her iPhone and iMessage I receive it on my iPad instead of my Android Samsung Phone. We do not want to turn the iMessage on her iPhone off. Is there anyway to get rid of the iMessage link between my iPad and my phone number? This is really annoying

iPad, iOS 6.1.4
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    You can turn messages off on your iPad in Settings>iMessages>Off. Messages cannot possibly be using your Android phone number. It only works with other iOS devices.

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    While Demo is correct (as always), there is another solution if you prefer:


    Since your phone number is associated with a non-Apple device, it makes no sense to use it as a potential iMessage recipient address.


    You could go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and delete that telephone number from the candidate addresses you may have there.  To delete, you may have to click the little white arrow in the blue circle on the right.


    This way, you could keep iMessage on for other purposes, if you wish.