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Has anyone has any success gettting the Shuttle Prov2 to work with Logic Pro x?



Logic Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    If it worked in LP9 there's no reason why it wouldn't in X. X is basically a reskinned 9 in that sense. Your drivers are 64bit so you should be fine.

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    Many thanks for reply, and yes that's what I thought. But the shuttle software does not seem to recognise LPX when opened. It recognises all other software by name (FCPX, Audition, Premiere)..  any tests I can do that you know of?



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    Got this from the very cool people at Contour Design.   They are working with Apple to get a new Key Commands file built, but for the moment, this works a treat  -


    (assuming that you are running v3 beta driver)


    Open the Contour Shuttle application, then click on the Logic 9 setting, then right-click (control-click) it and choose Copy to New Settings.  The program will prompt you with a window, and you'll need to navigate to the Applications folder and choose your LogicX application.  Click the LogicX application in that window, then click the Open button.  A new setting will appear under the User heading in the Contour Shuttle window.  Open up LogicX and see how that works.