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I was connected to a wifi and then left my Itouch in front of me and left my blog running.  No one touched it during that time. When I looked at it to check the time, my blog was trying to post something by itself and i could not use the assistive touch because it was as if someone else was using the itouch. I pressed the home button and then my apps started opening by themselves and then started shaking as if someone wanted to delete or move these apps. Then my music opened by itself. I clicked on settings and saw that my wifi connection had changed to another connection which was password protected. I immediately turned my touch off. When i opened it again, things were back to normal. But then I don't lnow what happened because people say that it's impossible for an itouch to get hacked. And now I'm scared because I don't know if whoever was responsible for this was able to get information and passwords from my itouch. I'm the only one who uses my itouch. 

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.3