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I have purchased a brand new mac book air, 13 inches, 8gb mem, I7 processor, 512 GB drive. My wifi connection is not reliable, drops frequently, and when it happens I do not always manage to reconnect. This is not a local wifi issue as other devices on the same network do not experience these issues. I made sure that i update my systems including with the last Apple fix a couple of days ago.

Here is what happens (several times a day)

- All of a sudden, the wifi icon in my menu bar turns grey.

- Sometimes, but not most of the time, i manage to reconnect by turning wifi off and then back on.

- When the previous attempt does not work, sometimes, but not most of the time, i manage to fix the problem by doing a shutdown of the system and restaring

- When this attemps does not work, shutting down my server and restarting it might work, at times

- Even this is not full proof! Sometimes, it does not work, and one hour later again, after restarting the system

- My local network is a hidden network, for security reason, with WEP protection.

- When it refuses to reconnect, it says that none of my prefered networks are available (while I know very well that my network is working, as other devices keep connected)

- When I try to reconnect by recreating the network ('join other networks'), it says quite soon 'connection time out')

This is driving me mad. Has anyone the same issues? Any hint?


Thanks a lot

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)