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Hi all


I have had some strange problems over the last few weeks where I get messages telling me that iWork (usually Numbers) cannot save the files as 'something else' is using the file.  So I click 'save anyway' and I get strange files in folders, ie folder and file name is the original name plus some gooblygook.


I have got round this by deleting the 'extras' and carrying on.  But now I am preparing a major presentation in Keynote and suddenly it is not saving graphics some of the time!


For example I was working on a slide - and suddenly got a message that 'some problems occured' -


Couldn’t save image. - image.png (Slides: 12, 13, 17, 18; Skipped slide count: 1)

Couldn’t save image. - image.png (Slides: 12, 13, 17, 18; Skipped slide count: 1)


I have been working with this presentation for some time and have never encountered any problems - passing between my laptop and my iPad to review and modify (mainly viewing on the iPad and editing on the MacBook).


Any ideas what is happening?  I have a major presentation to give in just over a week and I don't want to use PowerPoint!





MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1), 4GB Ram, 250 GB HD
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    Just got the following notification:


    The document “2013-08-02************” could not be autosaved. The file has been changed by another application.


    I cannot think which application!

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    I got the SAME today--24 hours before my first set of classes. Ive worked all day trying to determine the three kinds of errors I'm receiving--like the users above but also ones about "movies not found" and the rest. I've tried everything on these forums to no avail.

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    I've been having the same problem all week.  My document is saved to the cloud.  Today I opened my presentation and several graphics that had been there are missing (but they still show on the thumbnail slides).  I replaced them and tried to save and got the message that it could not save because another application was using it.  I'm also getting the weird looking extra files showing up in my cloud directory.


    I'm working on my iMac now and I'm very certain that I've closed the application on my MacBook - in fact the MacBook is turned off, so what "other application" could be this error message be referring to?


    And do you think it's safe to delete the weird looking files?  Those appear to be packages with names like:


    Real Filename.key-tef.sb-c5725d42-9bNKvD


    and when you open them there is a file called index.key


    Most have 0 bytes but one has 150 KB

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    I've been having some success NOT using any files that have previous images or audio in them, starting from a base template and then adding audio and video and photos that are already on my hard drive, not previous Keynote files. Today I needed five slides that were part of another deck and, you guessed it, they were corrupted (or missing) when I reopened the file, only the thumbnails remaining.


    I closed the original Keynote file, placed a zip extension, then control- clicked to see the contents. The images were missing from the package. I then replaced the extension with .key and reopened in Keynote. The audio file had been there but not the images or the drawing, which I then searched for.


    Yes, delete the weird file backups and make a backup of the original in the finder. Then lock it! (You're using Mountain Lion?)


    I have a huge presentation tomorrow. I have five backups, including on a thumb drive.


    How much longer Apple?

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    This is very weird because, unlike you, I have not been taking slides from another presentation.  This is the VERY FIRST TIME I've used Keynote on my computer and I only have this one presentation.  I have opened it on two different computers (not at the same time), but the other one is also new to Keynote.  Good idea to make several backups.  I give my presentation tomorrow and knew I would NOT want it resident in the cloud so planned to backup to my hard drive anyway.  Maybe will back it up a couple times!


    You're right - How much longer?  It's not just iWork.  Aperture is sorely in need of an update - and so we wait!  In the meantime I've moved on to Lightroom and may have to install Office on my laptop if this continues.  I'm feeling as though they have abandoned their software support in favor of fancy new hardware.  Don't get me wrong, I love my hardware, but if the software doesn't work, what's the point?

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    I think the problem is in the OS. Likewise, I use different Macs and it has appeared on all of them, including my five.


    Another thing at can help is making constant saves. I tried disabling abut save through Terminal, but I got the same errors. I am sorry to hear that your new deck is crippled.  That hasn't happened to me ... Yet. But I've had the disappearing files.


    Have you discovered the Lock located by the file name in the window? If it's locked, it cannot be changed.


    I'm a college professor and hope Mavericks is coming without delay.

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    Fortunutely my deck is not crippled.  It just occassionally loses some graphics for no apparent reason.  I've replaced the missing ones, but now I'm now worried that I could get to my presentation tomorrow and again have missing graphics.  I'm using OS 10.8.4 on both machines.  I'm thinking iWork has not been updated for several years and the new OS may be the problem - which make me worry even more about Mavericks.  Maybe they'll have an iWork'13 to go with Mavericks and an Aperture 4!  Wouldn't that be nice?

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    Keynote is more than four years old. Although it's been updated since then, the updates never made it fully compatible with recent version of OS X. Some of the problems may be at the OS level, but the result is the same - presentations frequently become corrupted, especially during auto-saves. There seems to be little rhyme or reason as to which files in the package get hosed. I've taken to saving multiple prior versions under different names, hoping that elements that have been corrupted in the latest version are still OK in previous ones. That saved me a few times today.


    However, I'm at the point where I no longer trust the application. At WWDC, Apple promised to update the desktop version of iWork. I prefer Keynote's workflow and feature set to PowerPoint's, but I've rarely had corruption problems with PowerPoint presentations. Unless Apple resolves the problems with Keynote, I'll have to switch - I can't afford the lost productivity and frustration.

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    Have the same problem. Keynote doesn't want to save and presentations get corrupted. Horrible! Have a major event tomorrow...

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    I have filed a bug report using the feedback form. Please, do it too if you are affected.


    I managed to get by the last few days by installing Lion on an external drive and running from there. No hickups, but a very time-consuming workaroaund.


    Also, see this thread for a similar problem.