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        I have a similar dilemma.



    With the Air, which does NOT have the Retina display (but looks nicer to many that have both AIR and PRO non retina), ........with BLURAY level videos, you can with VLC streamer, Retina level to your Ipad 3 or 4 FROM your Macbook AIR, either its SSD or a connected external HD.  I watch High Def bluray level movies on Retina Ipad that way as streamed from my AIR.      Fantastic quality video!   the Program is only $2 on the APP STORE!    



    So, for video playing RETINA level movies, you can do it FROM your Air to your retina IPAD very easily.

  • ibanezSR300L Level 1 Level 1

    I have a very similar requirment.. I want to learn app development and use it pretty much like you said.. So which one did you decide on?

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