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I have iTunes 11.0.4 on my Macbook.  I use the mini box all the time, and until today, a slider would  appear in the 11.0.4 mini box if I ran the cursor over it. (Not, in my opinion, an improvement over the previous version, where it was visible all the time, but oh, well.) 


Today I opened iTunes and the volume slider in the mini was gone. Can anyone tell me how to get it back without wasting time going to the regular iTunes window (or having to adjust the volume on my computer)?


I found a thread from December, 2012 complaining about the missing volume slider and asking why Apple would do such a dumb thing.  But that would be so dumb, so totally unnecessary, and such an inconvenience to so many people that I can't believe Apple would do such a thing, or at least fail to get it patched by now, 7 months later.  (Tell us it ain't so, Apple.)


Besides, it was there yesterday, and I haven't updated anything in the last 24 hours.  Anyone know where my slider might have gone to?  Thanks!!

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