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i have been given an imac for free but with no discs ,it currently works as i am using it just now,however i had to create new user as i dont have the password for the current user(who it belonged to),they are now out of the country so cant get it,result is i dont have access to most things,cant install anything,so what  are my options,i was thinking of trying to get new discs if they are still about and just do reinstall,whats my chances of geting these and will i be up and running ok,i know this is an old machine but i only want this for internet browsing mostly so would suit me for what i need to do.if i try to install anything i keep getting no application associated with the opening of (whatever program im trying to open or install).

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), intel core duo2
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    Call Apple Customer Support 1-800-767-2775, provide the Serial Number and specifications of the Mac, and for a reasonable fee, they will supply a replacement set of system discs (if available).


    The discs will be for the original version of the OS that was pre-installed when the Mac was manufactured.

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    is that a uk number?? or free more to the point.


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    You can also order from The Apple Store by calling 0800 048 0408



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    i would have no idea what to order,i will email or give them a call once i get the serial number off the mac

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    Get the Mac to set up  an additional administrative account.  You can then change the password on your old account.


    Start with your computer power off.  Hold down command-s. Power on your computer.  


    Type in the following:


    The first two commands will depend on your release of Mac OS X.  Look at what is typed out in the console to determine the exact format.

    # Type the follow two instructions to access the startup disk in read/write. Press return after each command.

    # in case of partial success repeat this command until errors go away.

    /sbin/fsck -fy

    /sbin/mount -uw /


    cd /var/db


    #List all files. The l is a lower case L.

    ls -a

    #The move command acts as a rename command in this format.

    mv -i  .applesetupdone .applesetupdone.old


    # reboot  your mac

    shutdown -r now


    Once you've done that the computer reboots and it's like the first time you used the machine. Your old accounts are all safe. From there you just change all other account passwords in the account preferences!!

    Limnos adds detailed explainations:



    The above the idea came from a post by JoseAranda at September 9, 2006 3:48 AM


    You will need to scroll down to see this post.  Search for applesetupdone


    This method is mentioned in an apple support page without giving an explanation.


    Once you have a new administrative account, you can change the password of your old administrative account

    blue apple > System Preferences > Accounts