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p.s. I should have said in my new thread just posted, also as 'recording unexpectedly stopped', that the issue below refers to a recording made in GarageBand :


I was recording the first part of the Ring Cycle from the Proms this evening, from my radio tuner  via a Belkin RCA Audio Cable into the 'audio in' port.


I selected a 'basic track' and set the tempo to 80 bpm. The broadcast was 2½ hrs long, and I understood 80 bpm should give me somewhere between 5½ hrs and 11 hrs, which should have been more than enough time.


However, about 2 hrs into the recording it suddenly stopped with a message something to the effect that the file capacity of 2GB had been exceeded.


But when I clicked the 'record' button again, it nevertheless continued to record.


The next opera in the Cycle is tomorrow afternoon. If someone could present a solution before then, I would be extremely grateful !

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I can't advise re garageband, but the recording that failed can likely be listened to at the bbc for several more days, and with the help of soundflower (free) or audiohijack (paid) you could probably use audacity or even quicktime X to record it in  reasonable quaility.

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    The soundflower website looks rather basic, which doesn't inspire confidence, and doesn't seem to say it is free, Also the 'issues' page has a worrying number of apparent problems logged.


    If I go with it, I am not clear how I access the BBC radio broadcast to record it : I am only familiar with accessing broadcasts from my radio tuner via an audio cable into the 'audio in' port.

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    I do know what you mean about the site - there's more friendly info at http://cycling74.com/products/soundflower/


    with any such things - be sure that you know how to uninstall it in case of problems.


    Once installed - (and yes, it is free) you'd be able to select the system sound output, as the recording input for say garageband, audacity, or even the included Quicktime when making an audio recording. Hopefully, you could then replay the broadcast that you missed part of due to GB stopping unexpectedly, and record it just as if it were live.

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    Thanks : the link you gave for sunflower in your previous post opened a completely different site to the link in your latest post.


    I'm afraid your suggestions and what I read on the website are above my competence or comprehension

    levels !


    If I can't find a way round GB quitting with the message . . .


         ‘File size limit reached. Audio recordings are limited to a file size of 2 gigabytes. This recording has reached the file size limit. Recording will stop, and the recording up to this point will be preserved'


    . . . . then I want an application that is as similar as possible in terms of connecting to a radio broadcast, recording, editing and saving to iTunes or burning to CD.

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    Audacity will allow a longer recording time - GB is restricted due to the file format used.


    It's possible that quicktime audio recordings can be longer, since it uses a different format, although the quality should be adequate coming from an fm tuner. That will create a .mov file which can be played in iTunes.


    I'd try to get into soundflower or some other system audio recording method - since you'll at least be able to re-record the one which was cut short, albeit still needing a recorder - Audacity or similar.

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    Thanks. Being by nature cautious, I'll need time to think about it, and sound out others before taking the plunge.