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i have ian iphone 4 locked to orange UK and i have been told the unlock wil take about 21 days and untill now nothing happened

i want to see if they did apply for the proccess or no

and can i give the iphone imei to the moderator to see if they really applied for the unlock or no bcz it is 22 days allready

and i haven't received anything yet


thx in advance

  • ckuan Level 7 Level 7 (25,170 points)

    You can call AppleCare with your IMEI number to find out.

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    No moderator on a public user forum can do anything to help you.


    You need to contact Apple directly, however, unlocking your phone has nothing to do with Apple at all - they don't and won't unlock phones.  This is the responsibility of your carrier, which in this case is Orange UK. 


    Contact Orange UK for help because Apple can't.

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    How to contact apple I am in Tunisia now is there an email address

    Or I must call them