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I have purchased an ipad-3 with wi-fi in china. And i will go to Africa Zambia.How can i use it in Africa Zambia' network? There is any propose?thank you.

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    If it's a wifi-only iPad then you should be able to use it with any wifi network (though for protected networks you'll need to type in the network's password) - wifi is the same wherever you are.


    If you want to use a wifi-only iPad on a cellular network then you might be able to use an iPhone as a personal hotspot for it (if your carrier supports the personal hotspot function), or possibly get a mifi device and use that as a mobile hotspot for it.

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    thanks king_penguin very much.

    And where the mifi device which can be used in zambia will be purchsed ?

    How to use the  mifi device in zambia?would i buy a wireless network card offered by local seller?

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    If you want to be able to use it on cellular networks then check with cellular companies in Zambia to see if they offer mifi devices and sim cards to use in them. Depending upon where in the country you will be in you may want to check which carrier provides the best coverage in that area, and whether they offer a mifi device (you will need one that operates wirelessly, you can't use those that need to be plugged into a USB port like you can use with a computer, they won't be recognised by the iPad).