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Dear Commnunitie,


Friend of mine have a Imac with the install disc Mac OSX 10.5, he buy a Mac book Pro (second hand) and don't get the install disc.

Can i use the Install Disc of the imac, how can i now if the DVD are Generic, Solo or Family Install Disc

Can i install the Mac OSX on a second machine


Already thanks  for your reply



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    No, install disks are machione specific. He will have to purchase an install disk:


    If you are in the US call Apple Customer Support 1-800-767-2775, provide the Serial Number and specifications of the Mac, and for a reasonable fee, they will supply a replacement set of system discs (if available).


    The discs will be for the original version of the OS that was pre-installed when the Mac was manufactured.


    If you are in another country:



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    Note, newer than July 20, 2011, Macs do not come with installer discs.  They can restore the factory software with a simple command-R boot.