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Within LP 9.x you could select chords (Akkord in German Version) in the Global-Track menu. Logic-Pro-X this option seems not longer available. Any other method to get the chords from a piano-midi-region in some way automated to the score editor?

Good to know whats new, but what about funktions that are no longer available?

Logic Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I don't know if it what you need, but clicking with the right button mouse in the area where are the play, record and so on (on top), we have the possibility to customize control bar and display. If you put the LCD area in custom, the chord being played appears (like in logic 9 used to appear).

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    That doesn't do it for me. I used the chord track in Logic9 as a way to save on paper and ink. I work on hundreds of songs so it was great way to notate the harmony. Why would they take that out!!

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    This is my problem as well. So why did they take it away?

    On the apple page they stated, that all common funktions are still there ??..

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    Interestingly on entering the first transposition point on the transposition track a message comes up with a reference to the Chord track:
    I tried to addan image from Grab but it was "not allowed"Text on the panel:
    "Your arrangement contains audio Apple Loops, loped MIDI regions or aliases.
    Please note that edits made in the Chord or Transposition track will continue to effect these regions, even in CHange Display Only mode." (my emphasis)



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    I need the Global Chord Track as well.  Cubase even has one now.  Why would Apple take away a feature other companies are adding?  Hopefully it will be added back soon in an update.

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    The only way I got this to work was to make the chart in Logic Pro 9 then open that song in Logic Pro X

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    I can't believe they removed this feature! How's a guy supposed to make quick and easy lead sheets! Geez band in a Box even has chord recognition. Guess I'll be looking at other softway. How LAME!

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    Please submit your feedback regarding the disappearance of "Global Chord Tracks" to Apple.

    It's really simple: you have to run Logic Pro X and select "Logic Pro X" and then "Provide Logic Pro Feedback". I think that if enough customers request the return of this feature, Apple could introduce it again in the future.

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    Adriasca good advice that I have followed several times. Still hoping to see an update with this feature reinstalled. It's really a frustrating omission.