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I had my MacBook Pro retina display screen replaced. But the new screen they replace for me has a warm yellow tint on the display.anyone else have the same problem?I went back to the store they say thats normal they wont do anything. what Can I do?


The it's very yellow. I using a iPad and Mac Pro at home. Every time I put my eye on my MacBook it just make my eye very uncomfortable. Very warm and yellowish.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Hi, I had exactly the same problem!!!! I had my replaced Mac Pro 15 inch with retina display back today and it is yellowish as I thought coz I have seen people with this kind of problem on the forum before. If you google it you will find. I am very disappointed of course so I insisted I am not gonna take it back until I get one as perfect as my original screen. The repair staff accepted to change again but they said they can't guarantee My mac is bought less than 9 months (oct 2012) I sent it repaired because of an insect some inside the screen and four bright spots!!!  What's wrong with apple now? What's the point of spending thousands of dollars for this kind of quality? I think I shouldn't accept this yellowish how can a defect yellowish screen being called retina display? What a joke!

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    Rzeng123 wrote:


    I had my MacBook Pro retina display screen replaced. But the new screen they replace for me has a warm yellow tint on the display.anyone else have the same problem?...

    Check out what may be the longest thread on the Apple Communities. What you have is what most people there are trying to get. The Retina Displays come from two manufacturers: Samsung and LG. LG's, at least the first versions, were prone to image retention and the solution was to get them replaced with Samsungs. Many of those who succeeded found that yellow tint present. You'll see that there are ways to correct for the yellow tint, including monitor calibration and at least one monitor profile that one poster offered toward the end of the almost 8,000 replies (so far).

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    I was wondering if you have this problem settled? As I mentioned in the previous post I had exactly the same issue. But I got a call from the apple service centre yesterday thay told me that they can't replace the screen for me one more time coz the replacement screen is witthin specification. I have tried to call apple care staff they only advise me to go to the service centre again to check again. I am quite frustrated now.

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    Hey buddy, I got something that might helps. you can calibrate the screen colour your self on your macbook.


    System Preferences----


    click on Displays------


    go to COLOR-------


    click on CALIBRATE.... from there play around with it. you might able to get the rite color back.


    thats what i did with mine now. and the screen is kind of ok. i think if u spend more time keep calibrating the color u will get the rite color back.


    PS: these apple tech are kind of useless. I ask them to compair the screen at the store before pick up. even blind person can see the warm yellow on the screen. this guy and the manager keep saying its normal no different. talking with the manager very ******* me off and very disappointed , after all the talk she end me by giving me 2 choose: 1 take the second screen ( yellow) or 2 take the current screen (yelllow).they say will give me time to think, they can keep the macbook for me if i dont want to pick it up. I was like what the F. I hope apple will see the problem soon. anyway...... give me a message back if u need more help.

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    Hi Rzeng123, Thanks for sharing. I also sent my MBPR for second time LCD replacement. But I have no confidence with apple now I am pretty sure I will end up with a second YELLOW screen just like you.I bought my mac in London, but I am right now in Singapore there is no apple store only got reseller and authorized service centre. So I can only send my mac to the authorized service centre for repair. Luckily the manager is not blind as yours but they keep telling me that this kind of obvuous yellowish screen has no problem and it is perfect within specification. So he refused to help me change again at first until I speak to a senior apple advisor through phone call( I have spoken to apple technique support for three times before I finally speak to this "useful senior guy".) The manager in the service centre agreed for a second replacement and as he said before no guarantee.  I don't understand why Apple didn't draw attention to this issue. U and me are not the special cases. I did reserch online before I took my mac for repair people were complaining the same problem as we are.


    As for calibration, this is useless for my machine I have tried to adjust the color.May be I will try after I get my second replacement.  Like u said every apple staff are trying to convince us this yellow screen is normal, if it was why the devices sold in store are not yellow ? They service mananger even told me that those sell in store now are the first batch of manufacturing and they are actually with defects but this yellow one are the second batch with improvement and it is better than the white on


    I also take my mac to a retail apple store for comparison just like the picture shown below the left one is a normal retina display and the yellow one on the right is my poor mac.


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    Another me too over here.


    Had my 15" screen replaced because of a smudge of glowing pixels, tiny, but definitely a manufacturing defect. It marred an otherwise spectacular screen - the best I've ever seen; very bright, neutral (perhaps a slight crisp coolness) colour.


    Felt like the absolute state of the art in display technology. But that glowing splodge just niggled and niggled...


    Got caught up in work (gotta pay for this thing somehow) for a couple of months, though - I left it long enough that the Apple store peeps had to replace the screen rather than the machine, and it's kinda heartbreaking that though all my pixels work now, this screen just isn't as clear. Same resolution, but the screen has a noticeable tobacco-filtery warmth to it that gives it a strangely vintage look.


    I know I'm nit picking, but it's a disappointment.


    Playing with the calibration will help but at the cost of slight brightness, and I'm considering one of those calibrator dongle thingies to try and do a decent job, but it feels like a workaround compared to what I had.


    Despite all of this, it's still the most advanced and beautifully engineered machine I've ever had the luck to own. Gotta keep things in perspective. It's just not as good as it was.

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    I've complained at the Genius Bar three times about my yellow display. On my third visit I got a replacement and the replacement was also yellow. I will be visiting them a fourth time. And I will continue visiting them until they give me what I paid for. I did not pay for a yellow display.


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    I've gone through two LG displays with image retention and now I'm on my first Samsung.  The left side of the screen has a yellow fog that reaches nearly half way across the screen.  The right side looks just fine.  This is obviously a defective display and I'm bringing it back for my 3rd replacement.

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    Perhaps we can find a pattern in Samsung part numbers.


    If you don't mind, perhaps everyone could run the terminal command...


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    ...and list their exact Samsung part number AND whether their screen is yellow-ish or not.


    So, to start things off, my Samsung display part # is LSN154YL01001 and my screen is NOT yellow, and has no defects whatsoever.

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    Canuck1970 wrote:


    my screen is NOT yellow, and has no defects whatsoever.


    So your Samsung replacement is not yellow? Before calibration it's not yellow? Before calibration it looks like the LG? You've never had a yellow LSN154YL01001? Then I guess you really don't know what it's like having to deal with this problem. You don't know what it's like looking at the same screen that I'm looking at right now. You don't know what it's like looking at this screen and knowing something's wrong with it, even after calibration with a Spyder4Elite. Maybe you shouldn't think it's so easy to resolve with a colour calibrator. It's not. I've had to deal with two LSN154YL01001s. It's dreadful. I've been in to the Genius Bar 3 times to complain about this problem.


    Some LSN154YL01001s are yellow and some LSN154YL01001s are not. I don't know what the ratio is. I haven't seen any in-store LSN154YL01001s that are yellow.

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    LifeReceiver wrote:


    I'm bringing it back for my 3rd replacement.


    Please let us know about your third replacement when you get it.

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    I belive there is a very low chance getting the rite screen back from replacements. apple only use the good quailty on the new products. I think they try lower the cost by to given people cheap replacement parts. still my screen still yellow eveytime i turn it on and off. after calibrate the screen setting to blue white color i am comfortable with it. but everything i use LR5 or photoshopCC I have a feeling i wont get the right color for my pictures.


    Very hope apple will face this problem , and give us an explanation . 

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    Rzeng123 wrote:


    apple only use the good quailty on the new products. I think they try lower the cost by to given people cheap replacement parts.


    This matches my observations. All the displays I've seen in Apple stores and other electronics stores are Samsung LSN154YL01001 but not yellow. My friend has a Samsung LSN154YL01001 as his first display on his machine but it's not yellow. I've had two Samsung LSN154YL01001s as replacements, both yellow.


    In case anyone wants to try some colour profiles I made with my Spyder4Elite I used to calibrate my 15" Retina MacBook Pro with Samsung LSN154YL01001 you can download 3 profiles in this .zip I made here. Put them in ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles. They can make your display less yellow but the colours will still be very dull and low contrast.


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