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Hi. I am hoping someone can shine some light into an issue I am currently experiencing with SSL Certificates on the Snow Leopard Server which hosts out websites. This past weekend an SSL certificate pertaining to our primary domain expired which caused users to receive error messages prior to accessing the website ... the error message stated "the site's security certificate has expired!"

I have since renewed the certificate via networksolutions.com and applied it on the Mac server. The certificate was applied successfully and i have added the certificate the sites along with restarting the apache to take in the settings. However, the certificate is not propagating out at all. I have also restarted the mac server as well in case there was something in the cache causing issues but unfortunately, the issue still exists.

I have also removed the certificate entirely and reapplied it from scartch to make sure the original certificate wasn't causing any issues.


Has anyone else incurred a similar issue or would anyone have any insight on how to possibly resolve the issue?


Thank you!

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.8)