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I've been  having problems with my Iphone 4S that I bought this past fall, so it is a relatively new phone, where i will be messaging someone and it randomly switches to text message and wont switch back to Imessage. I have tried turning imessage on and off, i have tried turning data on and off, i have tried turning both off then restarting my phone then turning them both on and none of these solutions is consistant. Every once in a while they will work but most of the time they do not. And yes, i've had the other person im texting do the same and it doesn't work. So what's wrong with my phone? It's really starting to **** me off because this is a new phone and I expected better from something that you have to pay through to nose to have. So explain to me why I can't troubleshoot this consistantly.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4