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Just wondering if anyone has had issues with this. I am trying to add an 'ADD TO CART' button from PayPal under each photo of items shown on a photo page. I copy the HTML button code from PayPal and paste it after the item listed in the HTML code of that photo page. It doesn't matter where I paste the code, the 'ADD TO CART' button shows up in exactly the same place every time. The button actually works. I have pasted HTML codes before, specifically on the home page with, after some experimenting with placement, successful results. Is there an issue with trying to embed HTML codes under a photo on a published web page? Because it's within the photo display area?
Any thoughts?

20" iMac Intel Duo Core, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    Could you provide a link to the problem in question?

    I did a PayPal button a while back. I do not believe there was any position information in the code.

    What you might be able to do is save the button art as a graphic then import it into iWeb as such and place where you desire, then adding hotlinking info via the inspector.

    I'll do some more digging, but hope this helps in the meantime.

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    Depending on how you want to do things, there are two general ways for you to accomplish what you want...

    The first method is detailed in the following thread...

    The alternative method is beautifully detailed by our own mwong in one of his tutorial articles...

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    Thanks for the info. I have thirty items to add buttons to. A mammoth proposition to make hyperlinks for each one, however I will try it with one to see if it works
    FYI...marked helpful. I'd appreciate it if you posted any other solutions to this problem.
    Thanks again.
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    If you follow mwong's tutorial for using text boxes and the post processing the html files, you can pretty much automate the process by using apps like MassReplaceIt. Probably beyond the scope of this thread, but a search should turn up lots of useful items.

    If you want to go about doing 30 or so buttons like you say, and easy way to do this would be to go ahead and make one button....drag in the graphic and attach the hyperlink to it... then simply select the graphic and hit copy and then paste it as many times as you need to. Then all you have to do is to drag the buttons into place. This is probably the easiest method.

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    I thank you for your guidance. I followed the steps outlined and was able to insert the PayPal buttons, however, since I inserted the buttons into the web page the slideshow or picture enlarging function does not work. I have published, inserted, re-inserted, republished repeatedly with the same results. No picture enlarging or slideshow. The buttons work and everything else works. Any ideas?
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    That sounds strange. Could you post your URL so that we can see your work in progress? And which method are you using...the HTML edit method or the drop graphic hyperlink method?
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    I'm using the HTML method. First creating a text box and publishing, then pasting the HTML code into the HTML page.
    Since the PayPal buttons prevented the slideshow or picture enlarging functions from working, I eliminated them and went back to the original until I could get a handle on what was happening.
    Thanks for your continued interest in helping me. Much appreciated.
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    Nice site, Neighbor! I gather that you are trying to put PayPal buttons under each thumbnail photo, right? So what is supposed to happen when someone clicks on the PayPal button? Does it transmit any specific item information (how much to charge) or does it simply bring a visitor to their PayPal account to do the money transfer? I'm just trying to get a handle on how you are going about things...

    I don't know why adding HTML would mess with the slidshow functioning, though. Hmm...
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    When clicking on the intended 'ADD TO CART' but it would do just that. Add that specific item to a cart. When I had the buttons in the site yesterday they all worked fine. Exactly what I wanted them to do except the slideshow function was affected. I think it has something to do with adding a text box over a picture on the photo page. I did a test and when just a text box was added below the actual picture but within the blue selection square, the slideshow malfunctioned. I believe it's an iWeb issue.
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    Interesting. Do you know if the "Start Slideshow" button still functioned? Maybe it's just a matter of positioning the text box so that it doesn't overlap the thumbnail.
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    Yes. I did check that. Nothing on the page changed except the addition of those buttons. As mentioned, as soon as even one text box was placed within the blue selection box in the photo section, the slideshow malfunctioned. When the text box was removed...VOILA!...slideshow again. I hope Mac techs read this stuff. They should know about that.
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    Thanks James. It works very well. I used Buy Now bottons for each item in my web site. I used your explanation and it worked. www.bambooworks.net

    Cafe 1