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This is an initial backup and 25% (about 100 GBs) of the backup completed in 1 Hour. The remaining 75% (about 300 GBs) is stuck at the same place for 9 hours now.


I'm working on a MBP Mid-2009 15", 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X 10.5.8.

All software is up-to-date.

Backup Drive is a Seagate 2GB (USB), Formatted for Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

No 3rd Party Backup Software or 3rd Party Security installed.

Spotlight has already been re-indexed.

Name of Computer is: MBP 2013


Time Machine Buddy indicates only that the Event Store UUIDs Don't Match. No error messages. Other discussion posts say wait. Any other suggestions? Is there a way to reset the Event Store UUIDs?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Event store UUIDs don't match  naming your internal HD or any other drive/partition being backed-up.  Time Machine can't be sure the OSX internal log of file changes that it normally uses is correct. 

    This happens in the following circumstances:

    1. The first backup of a disk, or to a new location
    2. After booting from your install disc, Recovery HD, or a different OSX volume (usually)
    3. A full restore
    4. Certain hardware repairs (e.g., new internal disk or logic board)
    5. Removal of large exclusions
    6. A very large volume of changes (especially an OSX update)
    7. An improper shutdown of your Mac, or improper disconnection or power loss on the Time Machine drive
    8. If it's an external HD, an improper shutdown or disconnection of the drive
    9. A failed or cancelled backup
    10. Many days without a backup



    Is this Seagate drive Bus powered, or does it have AC power?


    I bolded what I think is the cause in your situation.

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    BDAqua, thanks for your reply. The Seagate drive has an AC power source. I set the backup to run overnight, and since both the computer and hard drive are plugged into the same power source, I'd rule out loss of power since 1) the computer remained on, and 2) there was no error citing the drive was ejected or removed improperly. I also set the computer's sleep to "never" and deselected the option to let the hard drive sleep when possible. Any other suggestions to resolve this?


    Also, according to the Pondini suggestions:


    1. This is an initial backup
    2. n/a
    3. n/a
    4. only hardware changed was a battery
    5. n/a
    6. n/a
    7. I only shut down using the Apple logo, no other shutdown instances of the sort
    8. Seagate backs up successfully with other drives, no improper disconnects
    9. Backup hung instead of failing, and was not cancelled. It's still at 115.XX GB of 397GB.
    10. n/a


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    Well, I dislike TM myself, never use it due to all it's quirks, & even IF it appears to work, when it comes time to use it/relly on it, you may find more quirks or nearly impossible to use.


    If you wish o continue trying TM, I'll certainbly try to help, or even ask for help from others, but...


    Get carbon copy cloner to make an exact copy of your old HD to the New one...




    Or SuperDuper...




    Or the most expensive one & my favorite, Tri-Backup...




    Does everything TM & the others can do & much more.